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In the modern world, personalization is the №1 trend in all aspects. ARTISTRY™ products are now taking the lead in personalized skin care.
Personal serum
ARTISTRY Signature Select™
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ARTISTRY Signature Select™
More details
Personal serum
A product that adapts to the individual characteristics of the skin and satisfies several needs at the same time.
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Power of nature
ARTISTRY SIGNATURE SELECT™ Personal serum contains the highest concentration of phytonutrients obtained from plant components from the Nutrilite™ farm.
Science achievements
The development used the latest scientific achievements, such as PowerInfused technology, which retains all the properties of concentrates until mixing.
Individual approach
ARTISTRY SIGNATURE SELECT™ Personal serum allows you to make up to 25 combinations of serum properties so that you can choose the one that suits you.
Did you know that
each skin is unique and requires an individual approach?
of women
have several skin care needs at the same time*
* based on the F.A.C.E.S survey conducted by Amway
Artistry Signature Select™ Serum consists of a base* and 5 directional concentrates.
The base contains water saturated with phytonutrients obtained from plants grown on NUTRILITE™ farms, which nourishes the skin, improves the penetration of concentrates into the skin by 175%** and provides antioxidant protection***.
5 concentrates:
Contain a high concentration of ingredients designed to combat specific skin imperfections.
Act synergistically, providing maximum effect on the fight simultaneously with several interrelated imperfections of the skin.
Working together, provide a comprehensive skin care solution.
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*The base is not used or sold separately. The base is sold in a set with one of the concentrates.
**According to the analytical research № RPT-CS-17-005; Appendix 26 conducted for Amway Company.
***According to research conducted for Amway, as well as on the basis of the ingredient composition.
The base increases the penetration of concentrates into the skin
up to
Contains the highest concentration of phytonutrients from plant sources from Nutrilite™ farms among the products of the Artistry™ line for skin care.
"Superfruit" with antioxidant and brightening properties
Black currant
Contains a large amount of anthocyanin
Acerola cherry
Rich in vitamin C, a powerful antioxidant. Also contains vitamin A, thiamine, riboflavin and niacin
Green tea
Contains polyphenols - "absorbers" of free radicals.
Contains phytochemicals that neutralize reactive oxygen species and prevent oxidative damage
How it works?
Choose up to 3 concentrates depending on the needs of your skin: moisturizing, brightening, anti-wrinkle, firming, brightening and smoothing skin tone
Moisturizing concentrate
For dehydrated, dry skin
Lightening concentrate
To combat dull skin tone
Anti-wrinkle concentrate
To combat facial and age wrinkles
Firming concentrate
To restore elasticity and clarity of facial contours
Concentrate lightening and evening skin tone
To combat pigmented spots, uneven skin tone.
Using exclusive PowerInfused technology, mix the concentrates with the base immediately before use, while retaining all the beneficial properties. Attach the concentrate to the base, turn it to the right, then left to activate it.
The base, mixed with 3 concentrates that you have chosen for your skin, forms a truly individual serum. As individual as your signature.
Which serum is right for you?
Artistry Virtual Beauty
Choose your perfect combination with the Artistry Virtual Beauty mobile application
Improve your care with Dermasonic
ARTISTRY™ Dermasonic is a multifunctional facial skin care device.
For comprehensive skin care, use personal serum from your ARTISTRY™ line of care.
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How to activate Signature Select mode?
ARTISTRY Signature Select™
Discover the secrets of multimasking
Artistry Signature Select™ masks are 5 new face masks that can be used individually or combined in various ways, applying different masks to different areas of the face depending on individual needs.
Personalized ARTISTRY SIGNATURE SELECT™ face Masks
ARTISTRY SIGNATURE SELECT™ masks contain carefully selected NUTRILITE™ plant extracts as well as other ingredients derived from natural sources.
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What makes Artistry Signature Select™ masks special?
Effective and individual
Like traditional masks, they can be used on their own, but in combination with each other, these masks can maximize the effectiveness of care, while simultaneously solving the individual problems of different areas of the face and neck
Give special pleasure to all senses
Artistry Signature Select™ masks go beyond the usual benefits of skin care products with rich colors, varied textures and luxurious perfume compositions that create an additional pleasure from the care.
Face masks are becoming increasingly popular among both young girls and women - because they provide instant results. Only 7 minutes - and your skin shines with beauty!
Created in a synergy of health and beauty
Each mask is formulated with Nutrilite™ phytonutrients and perfected thanks to Artistry™ experience in skin care.
Lightening skin tone
Firming and modeling
Sugar scrub with black currant
If your skin looks uneven, dull or flaky, or if you just want to refresh and restore smoothness to your skin, you'll love the stimulating and cleansing action of ARTISTRY SIGNATURE SELECT™ Exfoliating scrub mask.
The mask instantly* softens and smoothes, makes the skin smooth and gives it a more well-groomed look
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Delicate scrub with cane sugar crystals in deep purple.
Crystals of natural sugarcane of different sizes act delicately, but very effectively: exfoliate dead skin cells, which cause its coarsening and uneven texture, cleanse and smooth the surface of the skin.
NUTRILITE™ blackcurrant extract gives the skin nourishment and softness after each use.
*According to the consumer test conducted by Market Vision Research No18-0393, Appendix 1.
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Silky cream mousse with chia seeds
Does your skin look dull and lifeless? It's time to restore her “radiance” thanks to the energy of the Mask, lightening the skin tone of ARTISTRY SIGNATURE SELECT™. Even the skin dull from stress, tiredness or other external factors begins to look different, because the mask allows you to “shine from the inside”.
This mask makes the skin more vibrant, gives a radiant appearance and fills it with energy. The skin looks peppy and radiates vitality. Skin tone looks more even.
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Silky, bright white, glossy thick mousse with exfoliating granules.
The formula contains NUTRILITE™ white chia seed extract, which improves skin condition, reduces imperfections and has a rejuvenating effect.
Natural loofah seeds** and jojoba grains gently care for the skin and exfoliate and cleanse, giving the skin brightness and a natural “radiance”.
Natural loofah seeds** and jojoba grains gently care for the skin and exfoliate and cleanse, giving the skin brightness and a natural “radiance”.
*Jojoba grains are delicate and natural exfoliating balls that are made from jojoba plant wax. This desert shrub has been revered by the Indians for centuries as a natural skin care product. Luffa is a fruit resembling a cucumber, which after drying forms a natural fibrous sponge, which is often used as a bath sponge. Granulated is ideal for gently exfoliating facial skin.
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Pomegranate warming gel emulsion
If you feel flabby or feel that the skin is losing its elasticity and firmness, or even just needs to be nourished, you need a "serious correction" with the ARTISTRY SIGNATURE SELECT™ Firming mask.
This ultra-nourishing mask makes the skin more elastic, toned and renewed, smooths out fine wrinkles. Your skin seems to receive a new impulse of energy, and is also saturated with nutrients.
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The innovative * formula changes the texture: from a translucent and viscous gel during massage on the skin it turns into a soft creamy white emulsion.
NUTRILITE™ pomegranate extract has an antioxidant effect, protecting cells and preventing damage to collagen and elastin fibers, restores the lipid barrier and moisturizes the skin.
Warming technology gives an amazing feeling of warmth after application to the skin.
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Thick cream clay with citrus
When skin and pores need deep cleansing, a dense French сlay Сleansing mask* comes to the rescue, which deeply cleanses skin and pores, mattifies, makes skin smooth and beautiful.
A cleansing mask for the face skin narrows the pores, cleansing them of excess fat, and makes skin cleaner. The mask also contributes to the matting of skin, eliminating the oily sheen for the whole day, so that the makeup lasts longer.
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Very dense and smooth clay mask with a brilliant yellow hue.
Acting as a matting magnet, refined French clay * absorbs excess sebum and then rinses it off. The skin shines less, and the T-zone gets rid of oily shine instantly and all day.
Oatmeal has a calming effect, allowing you to forget about stress.
NUTRILITE™ Citrus extract has a refreshing and tonic effect.
*French clay is a very finely textured clay, known for its ability to absorb skin secretion.
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Airy souffle with green tea
If your skin feels dry, tight, or uncomfortable, it's time to saturate it with moisture using the ARTISTRY SIGNATURE SELECT™ Moisturizing face mask. It will also help soothe skin affected by aggressive environmental factors such as pollution, wind and very dry air in airplanes and air-conditioned rooms.
This deep-acting mask gives the skin a feeling of instant hydration, smoothness and elasticity that lasts all day. Soft creamy texture covers the skin, deeply and permanently saturating with moisture. Skin looks fresh and well-groomed.
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Soft elastic creamy texture with an invigorating fresh shade of green tea.
The mask contains NUTRILITE™ green tea extract - an ingredient known for its antioxidant properties.
And thanks to the high content of moisturizers, including emollient ingredients - a special moisturizing liposome and sodium hyaluronate - A moisturizing mask attracts water and holds it inside the surface of the skin.
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What is multimasking?
Multimasking is the simultaneous use of several different masks on separate areas of the face to meet various skin needs.
But remember: multimasking is built on an individual approach. Be creative and create your own personalized care program by choosing masks that your skin needs, because with ARTISTRY SIGNATURE SELECT™ masks you can create over 25 combinations!
We have created 4 "recipes" that will help you master the skill of multimasking.
We have created 4 "recipes" that will help you master the skill of multimasking.
From a fresh face
It's like you are shining
Instant lifting
For a perfect date
From a fresh face
Deep cleansing of the entire surface of the face skin, especially in the T-zone and forehead. Lightening the area under the eyes and strengthening the lines of cheekbones / V-zone.
It's like you are shining
Beautiful appearance thanks to fresh and more toned skin. The main attention is paid to hydration, the area under the eyes is lightened, strengthening occurs along the line of the chin.
Instant lifting
Areas that often suffer from loss of elasticity: cheeks / chin, cheekbones / V-zone and neck, as well as lightening the area under the eyes and T-zone. For a more effective result, it is also recommended to use an exfoliating scrub mask 2 times a week.
For a perfect date
A lightening and moisturizing mask eliminates dullness and fine wrinkles in the area under the eyes and cheeks. The scrub mask 3 times a week perfectly cleans and polishes the skin, making its surface smooth and delicate.
How to fit masks into a skin care procedure?
Step 1
Prepare your skin by cleansing your face and neck with a foam or wash gel
Step 2
Apply mask/masks to solve specific skin needs.
Step 3
Soften and soothe the skin using a lotion or tonic.
Step 4
Enhance the effect with Personal serum with 1 or 3 concentrates.
Step 5
Provide skin hydration and protection with a cream or face lotion.
Step 6
Take care of the delicate skin around the eyes by applying a special eye cream.
The system of skin rejuvenation
The Artistry system serum + cream — the double formula of skin recovery on the inside and the out
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Moisturizing concentrate
Increases skin hydration by 233%**
Maintains hydration throughout the day
Helps restore moisture-retaining barrier 100% of women said that their skin became soft and smooth**
Hydrobrobiotics, which are part of the concentrate, help maintain the balance of skin microflora. As a result, you get the optimal level of hydration. Also included a key ingredient of the ARTISTRY HYDRA-V™ collection - water from the Norwegian fjords.
Additional ingredien:
pure water of their Norwegian fjords
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Concentrate is not used separately from the base
** According to a clinical research of skin hydration No. RPT-004-17-ASC (n = 35, age group 24-61), Appendix 2, conducted by Advanced Imaging and Measurement Lab for Amway
Lightening concentrate
100% of women reported improved complexion*
It removes the "dull film", showing the natural radiance of the skin
The skin acquires an updated and healthy appearance**
Radiance restoration technology accelerates cell regeneration and helps control factors that cause skin fading. An additional ingredient is a one-colored lily extract that blooms only at night.
Additional ingredien:
one-colored lily extract
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Concentrate is not used separately from the base
*According to clinical evaluation No. RPT-013-16-ASC-Clinical Grading (n = 35, age category = 30-62); Appendix 4, conducted by Cantor Research Laboratories and Advanced Imaging and Measurement Lab, commissioned by Amway.
**According to a research based on photo analysis No. RPT-002-17-ASC-Radiance (n = 38, age category = 26-59); Appendix 6, conducted by Advanced Imaging and Measurement Lab for Amway.
Anti-wrinkle concentrate
It even affects deep wrinkles*, **
81% of women noticed a reduction and smoothing of facial and age wrinkles.
The skin looks younger and more well-groomed.
Wrinkle reduction technology strengthens the skin's support system. Skin looks smoother and healthier, expression lines and age wrinkles become less noticeable. The composition also includes a key ingredient of the ARTISTRY YOUTH XTEND™ skin care product collection - LifeSirt extract, which stimulates the production of natural “youth proteins”, resulting in younger looking skin.
Additional ingredien:
plant extract LifeSirt
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Concentrate is not used separately from the base
*When mixing the Anti-Wrinkle concentrate with Base.
**Proven by the study of consumer perception (MarketVision study 16-0875, n = 173, age: 25–79; adj. 1).
Firming concentrate
Clinically proven: improves skin firmness*
The contours of the face look clearer, the skin becomes more elastic, its tone evens out. 92% of women noticed improved skin elasticity*
The technology of increasing elasticity not only makes the structural elements of the skin support system more elastic, but also preserves their integrity. Additional ingredient: Red caviar extract, which is also used in the ARTISTRY YOUTH XTEND Ultra™ collection.
Additional ingredien:
red caviar extract
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Concentrate is not used separately from the base
*Proved by research: Cutometer Measurements (laboratory research with advanced visualization and measurement methods RPT-013-16-ASC, n = 36, age: 30–62; 14 adj. 9).
Concentrate brightens and evens out skin tone
100% of women noted that pigmented spots decreased in size*
97% of women noted a decrease in the severity of pigmented spots**.
The overall skin tone looks more even.
Technology for reducing pigmented spots with vitamin C helps to even out and refresh the skin tone. An additional ingredient is Nutrilite™ White Chia seed extract.
Additional ingredien:
white chia seed extract
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Concentrate is not used separately from the base
*When mixing the Concentrate brightens and evens out skin tone with Base.
**Proved by the study: visual analysis (laboratory research with advanced visualization and measurement methods RPT-020-16-ASC, n = 36, age: 27–67; adj. 7).
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